At B Select Ashmore we are all about family safety, not just tyres and mechanical… And with over 2 thirds of Australian families owning a pet, our furry friends are considered an integral part of the family, and pets regularly travel in the family car. You dont think twice before buckling up the family.. but many dont consider restraining their pet and its important to ensure they are travelling with you in a manner that is safe for them as well as safe to the rest of your family. A dog that is not correctly secured poses a danger to everyone in the car. Not only can an unrestrained dog cause driver distraction, but an open window provides an opportunity for the dog to jump out which could lead to injury to your canine or other drivers. In the case of an accident, an unrestrained 5kg dog travelling at 80km per hour will be propelled with an effective weight of 833 pounds. A 35kg dog travelling at only 60km per hour will have an effective weight of 2,400 pounds – over a ton. Allowing your pet to travel unrestrained puts not only your pet in danger, but your whole family. A flying projectile dog can hit you, your passengers or the windshield causing potential injury to all concerned.
There are various laws in Australia governing the transportation of animals in cars. QLD laws state that animals cannot be transported in any way that is inappropriate to the animals welfare.
There are many options for travelling safely with your pet:-
Pet travel accessories include harnesses, dog crates, various tether and seat belt options for all shapes and sizes and even canine booster seats to make for the ultimate ride. Buckling up can not only save your life but that of your furry friend as well, so stay safe on the roads. At Bridgestone Select Ashmore your journey is our passion.