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balancingUsually a un-balanced tyre can be felt through the steering wheel as a slight wobble or vibration when traveling at speed. This is not always the case and un-balanced tyres can go un-noticed and ultimately dramatically accelerates tyre wear and reduce road holding capability. Un-balanced tyres will also cause un-necessary wear to shock absorbers, struts and suspension components. Tyre wear due to im-proper proper balancing usually presents itself through scalloping and high and low points on the tyres surface. Every time a new tyre is placed onto a rim it needs to be balanced, balancing also changes as tyres wear out. Along with a wheel alignment check we recommend tyres are re-balanced every time your car is serviced. B Select Ashmore offer this service with our mechanical service packages see Mechanical Services.

Purchase 4 new Bridgestone tyres and receive a tyre maintenance book which gives you free rotation and balances for the life of your tyres.


Once a new tyre is fitted to a wheel it is placed on one of our computer wheel balancer. On a standard balance the wheel is positioned to the machine with a metal cone which locates to the centre bore of the wheel. The wheel is then spun and the computer shows the tyre technician how much weight is needed and exactly where to attach it to the wheel. After weights have been fixed, wheel is re-spun to ensure the wheel is now perfectly balanced. Centre cone style balancing works well but does not replicate the wheel being attached to the car with wheel nuts.


Ultra rideB Select Ashmore use the latest tyre balancing technology to make sure your tyres are balanced to perfection. Choosing the ultra-ride option will give your tyres the best possible balance. This will increase comfort, road handling and tyre life. The ultra ride system attaches the wheel to the balancer through a plate and finger system. This replicates the exact position the wheel would be in when attached to your vehicle. This technique is often necessary when aftermarket wheels have been fitted to a vehicle and the Centre bore of the wheel does not match that of the vehicle.


balance beadsWhen it comes to balancing truck and large 4×4 tyres, Balancing beads can be the answer you have been looking for. Consisting of lots of tiny ultra-smooth micro beads that are placed inside the tyre they will position themselves in a fashion that balances out the wheel. Balancing beads use the rotational forces of the tyre and wheel assembly to position themselves and offset any imbalance. Balancing beads work especially well in truck tyres and also off-road vehicles that experience difficulty in balancing due to factors such as size, off-road properties and going from asphalt to mud and back. Balancing beads can also be used on top of normal weight balancing as a secondary backup to account for tyre movement on rim and mud build up on wheels. Please feel free to call us on 55321132 for further information.

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