Wheel AlignmentHaving your wheels aligned correctly is one of the more important maintenance aspects on your vehicle. Incorrect alignment will cause pre-mature wear of your tyres and most likely adversely affect the handling of your car. We recommend getting your alignment checked whenever you have your car serviced. Simple things such as wear and tear, bumping into curbs or hitting a pot hole can throw your alignment out. Not all wheel alignments are the same, we are not just a toe and go shop, if necessary we will adjust caster and camber every time. B Select Ashmore prides itself on taking the time to make sure every alignment is done precisely to get the most life and safety out of your tyres.


Wheel Alignment Gold CoastIn a nut shell wheel alignment is the position and angle of each wheel in relation to each other. Not to be confused with wheel balancing which is something totally different. Besides both affecting ride, handling and tyre wear wheel alignment and wheel balancing are completely different things. The above diagram basically explains the process. Toe relates to wheels pointing inward or outward. Camber refers to the angle of the wheel perpendicular to the road. Castor relates to the position of the front wheels forward or backward and is a measurement between the steering axis and the vertical axis. Keeping castor to specification assists with keeping your vehicle traveling straight and self centering of your steering wheel. Having all three aspects of your alignment adjusted to specification will give your vehicle the best possible handling dynamics along with maintain optimum tyre wear.



Tyres exposed to even short periods of bad alignment will show evidence of un-even wear. Usually the inner or outer edges are effected 1st and it will be obvious that a small section of the tyre is more worn than the rest. If diagnosed early enough wheel alignment can be corrected and tyres rotated in an effort to balance out the over worn areas of the tyre.

If you notice irregular wear of you tyres or suspect that something is not right, then call us on 55 321 132 to book in a check up.

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