Print these great specials to redeem in store

Print any of these coupons and bring in store to redeem these great specials. All coupons are subject to our terms and conditions. For a copy, please ask us in store. Coupons not valid for all vehicles/makes/models. Only one coupon valid per visit. Not able to be used in conjunction with another offer.

Buy three, get one free!

Buy three tyres and get one free. On selected tyres. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please contact us.



$49 Wheel service special

Wheel Balancing Gold Coast

Get the most out of your investment into your tyres on your car. We remove all four wheels, rotate the tyres and balance. We also perform a wheel alignment to make sure your tyres ware evenly. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please contact us.

Front or rear Brake Pads and rotors machined for $190

Gold Coast Brake Servicing

using Bendix Quality brake pads. Most makes and models. This offer includes replacement pads and rotors machined. If rotors are under minimum thickness replacement will be needed, if unsure drive in and we can quickly check and quote.
Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please contact us.

Summer Special – Re-Gas your Air conditioning system for $140

Car Air Conditioning

This includes the addition of a leak detection dye just incase there is a leak in the system somewhere.

We can also service and repair your air-conditioning system. Call us for a quote.

Car running rough? Try our on-board vehicle injector service normally $199

Gold Coast Mechanical Services

Our on board injector cleaner actually attaches to the car through the fuel system. The vehicles fuel lines are disconnected and replaced with our injector cleaner lines. Car is started and left to run solely on injector cleaner until the process is completed. This process is completely safe on the vehicle. Once finished original fuel lines are re-attached to engine and and in-tank additive is also added to fuel tank. This is the next best thing to having injectors removed from the vehicle and rebuilt or replaced.
This process is especially effective when vehicles have been run on E10 fuel for periods of time. We have had excellent results from this service and highly recommend as a 1st step to better your vehicles performance.
Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please contact us.

Service your Power Steering system for $120. Normally $169

Power Steering

An often overlooked component of your vehicle, power steering if not looked after can end up costing a small fortune to fix down the track.

Our service will inject a flush into the power steering system. Steering is then put through its paces with flush in. Old fluid and flush is then sucked out from your power steering system and disposed of. New fluid is then injected into the power steering system along with a treatment of which stays in the system.

This service is a good measure for high kilometer vehicles that may be experiencing power steering issues such as shuddering, twitching and hard steering. Also a good preventative measure as power steering can sometimes go un-serviced for many years.

Complete Auto Service


Price depends on make and model of vehicle. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please contact us.

Truck and 4×4 tyre Balancing Beads

Bridgestone Select Ashmore will install Balancing beads into your tyre for $15 per corner.

Balancing Beads are the ideal balancing compound for your tires. Easy to install, extremely efficient, won’t rust, perfectly round, solid ceramic, and always working to balance your tires every time you drive. If your tire slips on the rim, the beads will adjust and compensate automatically. Balancing beads are re-useable and eliminate the need for re-balancing.

Perfect for:
• Offroad application where conventional weights may get dislodged by rocks
• Offroad application where mud lodged in wheel would normally throw out balance
• Large aggressive tyres
• In situations where wheel weights do not want to be seen (Balancing beads remove the need for conventional wheel weights)
• Truck tyres