Know When You Need New Tires

Unfortunately, a large part of caring for a vehicle and maintaining the recommended safety standards is buying a new set of tyres every few years. While it can be expensive, a new set of tyres always bests an old set that is worn down and ready to collapse. Knowing when to purchase new tyres can be daunting though. It is easy to overestimate, or even underestimate, when new tyres are needed for a vehicle. There are several warning signs that old tyres will give that point to needing new tyres soon, or immediately. If any of the following problems plague a tyre, take the vehicle to a local Gold Coast store to have the checked out and replaced.

The most obvious sign that a tyre needs to be replaced is worn down or completely smoothed out tread. A bald tyre is dangerous and unreliable, and even if there is still a little bit of tread on a tyre, it can be unsafe if too much tread is gone. Tread gives a tyre the ability to grip the road, or otherwise known as traction. Though there may be tread on a tyre, too little tread will not offer the traction a tyre needs to keep the vehicle stable.

If a sixteenth of an inch or less of tread is left, it is time to purchase a new tyre. In the newer models of tyres, though, there are strips that become exposed as a tyre wears down, so taking tedious measurements is not necessary to calculate if a tyre is still within safety standards. Once these warning strips start to become exposed, take the vehicle in to one of the local Gold Coast stores to have its tyres examined, and request an estimation of how long the tyre has left.

Another sign that a vehicle’s tyres need replacing is the appearance of stretch marks, deep scratches or scrapes, or bulges in the sidewall of the tyre. Many times these damages come from hitting a curb, wall, or another vehicle. These types of warning signs are often preludes to flat tyres or tyre explosions while driving. Regrettably, these bulges, stretch marks, and deep cuts will irreparably damage a tyre, and will doom the tyre to needing to be replaced as soon as possible.

Even though trying to determine if a new set of tyres is needed for a vehicle can be stressful, it is good fortune that the technicians at the Gold Coast stores are trustworthy and experts in tyre care and maintenance. It can be hard to tell if a tyre’s tread is still high enough to drive on safely, or if a bulge, scratch, or stretch mark is a threat to a tyre’s structural integrity. A technician at one of the local Bridgestone branches can determine if it is time for a vehicle to receive new tyres, or give a proper estimation of the time a tyre has left, and still remain safe to drive on.