How To Fill Your Tyres Up With Air

Put the thought aside that maintaining proper air pressure in a vehicle’s tyres will contribute to better gas mileage, and remember that proper air pressure leads to longer lasting and safer tyres. When making a tyre purchase from a Gold Coast store, such as the Bridgestone Select in Ashmore, a person will gain access to regular and critical check-ups for his or her tyres’ air pressures. All vehicle owners should constantly monitor their tyre’s air pressures and take advantage of the air pressure services offered by their local Bridgestone. Ignoring this important part of vehicle maintenance can be costly in more than one way.

When checking and adjusting the air pressure in a vehicle’s tyres, it is crucial to use an air pressure gauge that is accurate and not difficult to read. Start the air check process by determining the tyre’s maximum air pressure allowance, and note that it is important to never fill a tyre to its maximum capacity. Air expands when it gets hot, and tyres get hot very quickly.  Air pressure increases in a tyre that is hot, and a tyre can experience a rise of several psi points in very little time.  A tyre filled to its maximum capacity may burst in cases of extreme heat, so be sure to confirm a tyre’s maximum air pressure allowance by checking the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Leave several pounds of air available in a tyre for expansion in the heat.

Perform the check on a tyre’s air pressure while it is cool to the touch and not on an incline. Carefully connect the air pressure gauge to the valve stem on the tyre and hold firmly to get an accurate reading. If a tyre needs air, hook up the air hose to the tyre’s valve stem and add air in spurts, checking the air pressure in between, until at the desired pressure level. If a tyre is over inflated, use the gauge to press down hard on the valve stem to let air out until the tyre is at the air pressure reading needed.

Quick Tip: If a tyre is consistently losing air and will not stay inflated, take it to a local Bridgestone to have it examined. If the tyre has been punctured, it is usually a quick and easy fix!

Trust a local Gold Coast store like the Bridgestone Select in Ashmore to perform regular tyre pressure checks. The technicians at Bridgestone are experienced and know the ins and outs of getting the optimum air pressure set for each tyre. As a little safety check and bonus to the usual air pressure check, the technicians who care for vehicles also check the tyres for tears, nails, screws, and other damaging items that threaten the tyre’s ability to keep a constant, safe air pressure. A vehicle’s owner will feel safe knowing that an expert is the one who is the prominent caretaker of his or her tyres.