How To Check Your Tyres For Wear And Tear

Tyres do not last forever, and will inevitably wear down to the point they cannot be used anymore. Even though trusted places like Bridgestone’s Gold Coast stores sell reliable and long lasting tyres, constant driving over rough roads and rocks and other objects will easily wear down the toughest tyres on the market. One of a vehicle owner’s top priorities should be consistently performing maintenance checks on his or her vehicle’s tyres, and taking the vehicle to one of the stores like Bridgestone Select in Ashmore to let the experts check over and care for the tyre at regular appointments.

A regular routine to keep daily is to check all four tyres before a vehicle is driven each day. All tyres should be properly inflated, and should never be put to use if completely decompressed. Driving on a completely flat tyre will leave it irreparable and may cause damage to the entire wheel, not to mention that it is very dangerous to do so.

Make a routine out of checking the treads on a tyre every three to four weeks. A tyre’s treads is what allows a vehicle to “grip” the road and maintain traction and stability. If a tire has no treads, it is considered to be “bald” and very dangerous to drive on. Also, be on the lookout for screws and nails, pieces of metal, sharp rocks, and other objects in a tyre that could rip a hole in the tyre wall. If there are ever any objects embedded in a tyre, take it to one of the Gold Coast stores to have the offending object removed and the tyre repaired.

One of the things to keep an eye on is uneven wear on the tyres. Check for this kind of wear by measuring the treads on both sides of the tyre. Check for areas of the tyre that are lower than its other side, or have tread that is completely smoothed out. If one side is more worn down than the other, then that could mean that the vehicle is out of alignment and is putting undue pressure on the more worn down side of the tyre. If the wear on the tyre is minimal, just have all of the tyres rotated and the vehicle realigned properly.

A tyre has a life span usually measured in miles, but the mileage limit that is stated for the tyre doesn’t guarantee that the tyre in question will last that long. Wear and tear on your tire includes anything from embedded screws to completely wearing out the tread to the point that all that is left is a smooth, or “bald,” tyre. It is crucial to keep a regular routine of checking a tyre for worn treads, low air pressure, and embedded objects so that all of the vehicle’s tyres will last longer. Trust a local Gold Coast store to perform these routine checks to help keep your tyres safe and road ready.